I would like to buy a custom terrarium, how do I order ?

You can send me a mail with your idea in the «custom order» section. All the informations you need are detailled here.

Why are custom terrariums more expensive than prefabricated ones ?

Precisely because they are personalized. Everything is created according to your tastes and desires. The purchase of a figurine specific to your order, the elaboration of particular environments, all this can generate high costs.

Do terrariums require special maintenance ?

Not at all. All my plants are made of plastic and require no watering. Moreover, the Pokérariums are all sealed, so there is no reason to open them.

How do you justify you rates ? 

Skills, inventivness, and time have a cost. The materials I buy are also expensive. I only provide myself with official figurines in order to obtain the most faithful rendering of the licenses offered in my store. Moreover, I don’t make anything assembly-line work. Each terrarium is unique, elaborated with the highest care and precision.

What is the production time ? 

All depends on the type of your order and the waiting list. Usually I take between 1 and 3 weeks to create a terrarium. Ordering a figurine can also add a waiting time on which I have no control. Creating a terrarium can take between 2 and 6 hours.

What postal service do you use and what is the delivery time ?

I only work with Colissimo. The delivery time varies between 1 to 3 weeks for the European Union, and 2 to 3 weeks for the international. During the holidays, this periode can extend to a few more days. Careful, I don’t pay the customs fees.

If the package arrives damaged, can I return it for an after-sale service ?

No, I cannot take back your order for an after-sale service. The postal service must deliver the package to you in the best conditions. The products I send are packaged with great care, I am not responsible for transportation. So I will not make any compensation in case of loss, theft or breakage.

What are the social networks on which I can find you work ?